Magic is Anti-egalitarian

Magic is in you, you can’t become magic. Technology, on the other hand, promises empowerment through application and effort. However, technology often becomes anti-egalitarian by limiting access, rendering it’s promise back into the realm of magic.

Processing is not thinking, belief is not a function

A computer is a processing machine. Not a thinking machine. It subordinates all things into processed information, anything unmeasurable becomes unimportant. "Belief" is not a function, yet we now consider what you do (measurable action) to be the equivalent of what you believe (ideological stance). This linguistic supplantation through analogy -allowing processing to appear as …

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To use is to be used

Are you using technology or is it using you? more complicated: are you using health, or is it using you? Under the guise of use, we find reliance. Unexamined lay the imperatives of deeper programming driving us.