We don’t learn from mistakes

If we learned from mistakes, we wouldn’t keep making the same ones repeatedly. We learn from reflecting on the mistake and making a plan to behave differently. When we fail again, we have gained insight into one more way not to do a thing.

everything is emotional, everything is personal

We live in a society, not alone in space. We think of and desire the other; even when alone, we shape ourselves for others. Every decision involves how we see ourselves through others, and every joy or disappointment comes from the success or failure to align to the other. And so, the striving is always …

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The Man You Are vs. The Man You Want To Be

How do you balance strength and confidence with kindness and empathy? To be sensitive and rational tends towards acquiescent compliance: a non-heroic trait. To give up sensitivity and rationality is to become brutish. You only find the confidence by considerately tending to your beliefs and boundaries. You achieve heroism not by hiding behind boundaries, but …

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Lamed by fear

What does it mean to “live in fear?” How does fear misshape us over time into petty and cruel things? Can we redeem ourselves with one moment of bravery at the end?┬áIf so, your redemption could more easily take place right now: being brave now (looking within) saves a lifetime of inflicting pain around you.

Mistakes cost you 3 or 4 times

A mistake costs you three times, sometimes four. The first time you do it and mess up, the second time is taking it apart, and the third time is putting it back together properly. The fourth time is when you need to gather more materials after ruining some.