We are paid to test our foresight

The work begins before the work. Most of the work is knowing what to prepare for, which comes from former floundering. The dynamic moment of doing the work (the moment we charge for) is the testing ground against which we gauge our mental models.

Individuals are Unequal

Karl Marx, in 1875, critiques seeing workers as only workers, diminishing them through categorization and ignoring their diversity of human beings. Contradictorily, to be “brought under an equal point of view” is a social form we apply to better measure and account for equality. “… unequal individuals (and they would not be different individuals if …

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A good day

What makes for a good day, is when I’m working for myself on projects I am interested it. The natural contrast would be solving problems for other people, or fixing their mistakes bothers me. But when I am self-directed and doing something simply because I want to, I feel great. #perspective