Sensible conversation as a “representation”

“nowadays one can talk with anyone, and it must be admitted that peoples opinions are exceedingly sensible, yet the conversation leaves one with the impression of having talked to an anonymity…” – Soren Kierkegaard There is a slide into abstract sensibility: modernity leads from authentic individuality into a “representation” of an opinionated individual. Kierkegaard was …

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Negative Identification

How much of our identity do we form around what we are not? This would be negative identification, keeping us concentrated on what we loathe or despise rather than focused on what we love. This is not a new idea, just one that I need to be reminded of on occasion: your focus determines who …

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What is my individuality good for? If it’s only to help myself (the "I"-dentity feeding the "me"), and everyone else follows the same example, it seems we only quicken the solipsistic fracturing community, and hence the world.