Further Privileging of Subjectivity

Everything depends on how you look at it, not what it is. This is a reversal of objective reality for subjective truth. By determining your attitude you reorient, but it appears to alter the fixed outcomes of reality.

Failure is inevitable for growth

The pain of failure is also a sign that you are on the right path, because at least you are challenging yourself rather than languishing in soft security. From this perspective failure is never really failure, because it is merely the cost of taking a risk to grow.

Specialization as stagnation

To specialize is to dig a deep well, which can become a stagnant pond. The deeper you go, when you look back up you can still see the stars, but the more narrow your field of view becomes.

Dark Nudges

Random cruelties befall us, dissuading us from our passions and dreams. The dark nudges push us into hiding and sheltering: a contracted life of self-protection. The more you create the more you engage with the world, and the more interactions you have: both good and bad. Don’t be nudged into the cave of security, reorient …

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Self-narration prison

We spend the majority of our lives in our head, crafting our dramas, articulating rebuttals. We are not happy there, yet refuse to leave. Meanwhile nature is rustling. The minute you let go and pay attention, a supreme peace can be upon you.

The point is never the point

When people say "The point is…" it isn’t. To declare primacy, to center one idea, is to elevate and exalt one perspective, usually the speakers. Now the conversation is social politics: the point is to support the person by supporting the idea.