victimization: oppression as privilege

The Right embraces victimization as much as the Left, in part because it allows for idiocy to continue: you can’t criticize me while I’m oppressed (by you.)

It’s obvious the Left reveres victims to the extent that they extend and create categories from which shelter from reality or logic is provided. (Because you are/were marginalized, all concessions should be made, we should all accommodate your hardship.) On the Right, tribal/national tradition and faith-over-facts create a populist shelter that regresses. (Because I am normal, I shouldn’t have to change, and am offended you suggest it.)

The new reality then exists: you must be oppressed to be listened to and valued, leading to “oppression as social privilege.” Yet, the focused attention that grants preference is fickle, swayed by novelty, and so to retain attention victimization must escalate into the fantastical.

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