Stability Depends on Prediction

If you know the past and the present, your chances of predicting the future are strong.

However, when you don’t understand the past, and the present is chaotic, why would you -metaphorically- till your fields or build new things? Why make a long-term consistent effort?

You may be equally well off speculating if no sense can be made of the world: it is all risk and chaos.

Choosing to labor without high odds of success versus not laboring with an equal likelihood of success proves the creator insane to toil in times of upheaval.

Some people reduce the world. Logically, their frivolity makes sense, yet the absurdity of the creator will be the ones building our future, even as the gambler leeches from productive men and machines.

As well, there will be some who do neither: neither risk nor build, but remain frozen, perhaps intellectually dense and action sparse, abiding in the currents.

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