The hero and the dark side

To be a hero is to encounter a system and learn through trials. The journey changes your consciousness.

Joseph Campbell reminds us that the brain is a secondary organ. Leaning too heavily on one’s intellect is to separate oneself from nature and one’s humanity, effectively enslaving oneself. This is the “dark side,” which is powerful but stunts and warps us: it keeps us emotionally larval.

The hero’s task is more difficult: they must recognize the system and maintain their humanity amidst pressures to be locked into a routine that the consciousness and body decry. Gradually, finding itself captured, the body will rebel against the will of the mind, forcing a schizophrenic split.

The hero is the one who can maintain their humanity while guiding us through the system. The maverick (rebel) is one who rejects the system but has perhaps not found a way to sublate and reconcile the system with remaining human.

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