Succession, rebellion, insurrection

Americans (Texans specifically) comment that an invading country (or even our own government) would never be able to subdue us, largely due to the proliferation of firearms, which is ludicrous.

It is not a matter of being brave or well-armed against an army with drones. Being armed only matters in the ability to dissuade or combat your fellow citizens.

Revolutions (coups) generally require the populace, but a smaller percentage of it than you would think:

  • 1) It is a matter of having already won an ideological battle.
  • 2) Followed by seeding political choke points and infrastructure with your faction from which you can asymmetrically leverage power.
  • 3) By converting the violent rule-following rebels (the gun-toting patriots) as they will enforce ideology at an inverse proportion to their numbers. (say 150 armed ideologs can control a town of 15,000.)

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