sceince as authority, not truth

Today, we can see science sociologically: rather than its function of falsification to increase comprehension and extend knowledge, its "casue and effect" mode of inquiry has been reversed upon it.

The left insists you must "believe in science" with religious fervor lest you blaspheme, while the populist right over-indexes its fallibility in the face of corrupt practices and incentives. The most ironic for both sides is decrying science’s groupthink tendency.

Today, science is politically used as "authority," not a process. Much as having a prophet as a mouthpiece, science is used to legitimize transfer away from the democratic into the technocratic: that is, sovereignty is moved away from individual debate into managerial expertise and handling. To invoke almighty science is to proclaim "truth" but from an inaccessible language backed by powerful corporate and academic institutions. Increasingly, this authority extends into everyday life, the better to manage us: Believe or be purged. Submit or be declared an "anti-science" idiot.

idea from Matthew B. Crawford

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