Causes in the past rob you of your present

Etiology is the study of a cause, or causation, while teleology is the study of the purpose of a phenomenon. When we focus too much on etiology we become deterministic: this was caused by that. We are detectives uncovering the cause-effect relationship and we allow ourselves to be determined by the past. When we focus …

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Vacu-suck Cycle

We are a vacuum cleaner sucking up experience and chasing desired dust bunnies. Often we suck up the same desires over and over to be consumed again and again. What does it mean to be a vacuum cleaner on repeat, an endless loop? Is it possible to take a moment to feel yourself in the …

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Being vs. becoming

We are seduced away from being by becoming. Becoming is a process based on the future in which we will always be something better when we get there. We are working through our days for an eventual payoff, such as the present moment, which we are busy neglecting.

Participating or reporting?

If you are reporting on the party, then you are not really part of the party. You are just an amateur journalist with a smartphone. source: Douglas Rushkoff from The Knowledge Project