Processing is not thinking, belief is not a function

A computer is a processing machine. Not a thinking machine. It subordinates all things into processed information, anything unmeasurable becomes unimportant. "Belief" is not a function, yet we now consider what you do (measurable action) to be the equivalent of what you believe (ideological stance). This linguistic supplantation through analogy -allowing processing to appear as …

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Clarity as Camouflage

To clarify we attempt language. The attempt of intimate transparency transmutes under excessive discourse, shrouding situational reality with obscuring vagaries, shades of intent. Under this web of words we form camouflage and shield. Under the method of communion we not only can hide, but can learn to attack.

Soft serve

With all of our behavioral and cognitive science, with our best practices psychology, there is always a better way to soft serve facts to people. No one is ever "wrong." Instead you made a decision that was right for you in the moment, or you were lacking a vital piece of information. Our language is …

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