Imperative vs Declarative

Imperative pointing says “I want that” or “gimme that.” Declarative pointing says “Let us consider this.” Interestingly, Chimpanzees can point imperatively, but only humans point declaratively and share their attention of the world. We work together to shape how we see the world.

Moment Mori

Today I envision myself being killed in a traffic accident during rush hour. My only concerns were that my wife knew that I loved her, and that I had not spent enough time enjoying the rich beauty in nature. Literally two minutes later I found belly button lint in my actual belly button! It somehow …

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The question is the answer

If the question arises on it’s own: should I do this? Then it is probably the answer. The cue is the context, the question itself is the guide.

Older and Younger

You are always older and younger: forgetting either shortens your life. Your body is more fragile, your will gives out quicker, but going into overdrive (overcoming) blocks your child-like curiosity, humor, and empathy… for yourself.We often embody the wrong age at the wrong time.

Emotional trojans

Thoughts are the trojan horse that smuggle in emotions. Emotions are temporary: they are real, but not really you. They can capture you and own you. You can stare down the emotion and rob the thought of it’s emotive force just by being aware of the trick.

You create your state

Things affect you because you decide to care: you made it about you. Most of your cares are small and serve no one, not even yourself. Equally, you can let nothing affect you and become a stone. How boring. Be aware, be particular.