Privileging the subjective

Soren Kierkegaard distinguishes between objective truth and subjective truth. We can argue empirical (objective) reality while the felt truth of the (subjective) self must be taken at face value. To deeply understand faith, Jazz music, or falling in love they must be experienced; they cannot be apprehended only through reading or observing. This leads to …

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Finding yourself through others

If you are seeking the authentic you, the unadulterated authenticity of the unique self, it would only be revealed when you are by yourself, without the distractions or pressures of others. Yet, who we really are might only come from the challenges of interacting with others, otherwise your conception of self is untested.

The Crowd and You

You can merge with society to fit in and gain solidarity and comfort. But only you can be you, and great innovation comes from the fringes, not the middle. Vacillating between solitude (singularity) and solidarity (belonging) is a practice we must cultivate.