No Virtue in Consistency

Self Creation: the path of fixation leads to death, the path of fluidity leads to life. There is no virtue in consistency if it prevents growth or change. To prevent the death of "one’s self" is exactly what kills us: the inability to grow and transform.

Moment Mori

Today I envision myself being killed in a traffic accident during rush hour. My only concerns were that my wife knew that I loved her, and that I had not spent enough time enjoying the rich beauty in nature. Literally two minutes later I found belly button lint in my actual belly button! It somehow …

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Death is Lucky

Do not forget, amidst your self-becoming, the foundational mystery that you are alive and aware in a bizarre universe. Ground yourself in the realization that to “realize” is lucky. To die is lucky: in one sense because you ever lived, and in another because you are not immortal. “Has any one supposed it lucky to …

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