Writing is learning

Writing well means you learn from the writing. Which is why it takes so long, is so taxing, and you end the day exhausted from the good pursuit of growth. What is amazing is that writing well (with a critical eye) means you learn about yourself, and the thing you write about. No teacher: just …

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Learning takes play

Learning something new seems to require time, time to play and make mistakes, which is called experimentation and testing.

Empathy transforms individuals into us

Comforting a hurting friend hurts, because we support (share and enable) their emotions to support them. Empathy is taking on their hurt. We lose ourselves for solidarity, in order to pull them from solitude, transforming the distinct people into “us.”

Have patience when learning

When learning something new, have patience with the teacher. And have patience with yourself. Just have patience. Let it unfold over time, don’t judge prematurely. You don’t have to prove anything.

Life is challenge

You can have a good day, even when it begins poorly; more profoundly, maybe the only way to have a good day is to face a challenge first. Our life is challenge, it is problem solving; without it we would have no purpose. So, approach it well.