Caring is turbulence

Fluctuating moods come from caring about others: to connect is to risk stability. Simplistically, you can sit on the shore, drown, or learn to surf. The problem is that surfing requires an inhuman mastery of persistent balance. There must be an effortless way to do all three simultaneously: collapse the wave.

Vulnerability for Trust

Vulnerability reveals brokenness, and this allows for trust. Recognition of mutuality leads to communion. Not hierarchy or perfection, not abstractions of should and good.

Wanting is free

The things we want have a cost. Wanting is free. Once your desire, craving, or compulsion is fulfilled, another one will arise. This is a permanent dynamic. But right now, you are breathing and just fine. Do we really want the “wanting”? Do we crave pursuit itself?

It really is the small things

The idiotic little chores are tiny burdens, so miniscule as to be nearly invisible. And so we succumb to their inevitability, writing off that portion of our life. To have even one of these simple things lifted, our gratitude is immense and out-of-proportion, but every day will now be easier because of someone else’s thoughtfulness.

Know the world before you try to change it

If you don’t know what reality is, how can you fix the world? Gandhi says "Change yourself before changing the world," but you can change into a more deluded person if you do not see the world clearly first.