Month: November 2021

The benefit of irrationality

To be unique we appear irrational against the norms of society. But norms shift to abnormal in another place or among another group. To encourage unique individuals we must enable the ability to pursue irrational ideas. After all, unique ways of thinking from irrational pursuits may be our salvation. Yet, knowledge and strange ideas, without …

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Further Privileging of Subjectivity

Everything depends on how you look at it, not what it is. This is a reversal of objective reality for subjective truth. By determining your attitude you reorient, but it appears to alter the fixed outcomes of reality.

Privileging the subjective

Soren Kierkegaard distinguishes between objective truth and subjective truth. We can argue empirical (objective) reality while the felt truth of the (subjective) self must be taken at face value. To deeply understand faith, Jazz music, or falling in love they must be experienced; they cannot be apprehended only through reading or observing. This leads to …

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Stepping into the Cave

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” Joseph Campbell Retrieving the treasure is not nearly as important as being the kind of person who takes that first step into the cave.

Participating or reporting?

If you are reporting on the party, then you are not really part of the party. You are just an amateur journalist with a smartphone. source: Douglas Rushkoff from The Knowledge Project

Smuggling ideas into maturity

Once established as an authority something becomes elitist, and through it’s inaccessibility it invokes a top-down pressure of wisdom and virtuousness. One reaction is to affirm the structure, aligning yourself with its importance. Another is to contrarily declaim the authority, assigning yourself as a pure individual outside the sway of an existing narrative. What is …

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