Month: October 2021

Paradox of Policy

To save humans we set up protocols, which tend to dehumanize the individual for the sake of a collective. When bureaucracy hampers humanity, treating individuals like cogs, we should have a policy not to follow policy.

Flexible Systems

Systems are good, but if your system doesn’t adapt you are wasting time and energy. You don’t need to treat a fluff book like a research paper, or a practical guide like a deep novel. However, with people we should fight the willingness to categorize and treat them in efficient, prescribed ways. By listening we …

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Dark Nudges

Random cruelties befall us, dissuading us from our passions and dreams. The dark nudges push us into hiding and sheltering: a contracted life of self-protection. The more you create the more you engage with the world, and the more interactions you have: both good and bad. Don’t be nudged into the cave of security, reorient …

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Living vs Achieving

The paradox: we know that the "right thing to do" is to think long-term, which tends to be a costly upfront sacrifice, but it incurs the greater benefit (and less heartache and loss) in the future through less living now. As a slave to the future we increasingly aggregate metrics on a weekly, daily, or …

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Helping Hand Systems

You can do things alone and it is difficult. You can have help and perhaps it’s easier, but sometimes you’re still alone and you need a third hand. Clever use of scaffolding clamps and tricks, bracing, can turn your environment into a second person. The benefits are 1) you feel clever and 2) that system …

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